Improve your business decisions and results

IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2

To improve performance and gain competitive advantage, decision-makers must solve problems and seize new opportunities quickly. They need agile and intuitive analytical solutions to respond to change. IT supervisors face other challenges: with limited budgets and resources, the demand for Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and support is frequently limited in time.

In order to solve these problems, IBM® Cognos Analytics offers® guided self-service capabilities in response to these demands. It offers an approach to analytics allowing users to solve individual or group challenges on their own and provide IT with an effective solution that may be adapted to the company’s needs.

The new version of Cognos Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence allows companies to know what is happening in their business thanks to the extracted data. Furthermore, this version is able to analyze the reason behind every scenario using artificial intelligence.

Who is this solution for?

For the best business outcomes, companies must unleash the intelligence behind every department and process of their organizations, from the very end to the top front of the business. Companies need a solution that breaks down the barriers of analytics and extends traditional BI capabilities. The IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2 solution is aimed to be a part of large enterprises, which always require a complete solution that covers all business areas.


Intelligent data discovery

The platform reveals hidden patterns and hard-to-find answers and relationships

Data preparation

Built-in intelligence allows you to clean and shape your data and leverage system recommendations to combine and stitch together data from different sources, all within the tool

Automated data visualization

It allows you to create your own attractive visualizations or use those recommended by the system. Natural language


Save time with reusable content from data modules, dashboards, and reports and share your output via Slack

AI Assistant

Leverage the AI Assistant to ask questions about your data and receive easy-to-understand answers in natural language