What is Planning Analytics?

It is the Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution created and focused solely for SMEs; a global solution for performance management in small and medium-sized companies, from dashboard, reporting or analysis up to financial planning, budgeting and consolidation.

With IBM Planning Analytics, you can combine the planning capabilities of IBM Cognos TM1 with the predictive analytics of Watson Analytics.

Who is IBM Planning Analytics for?

With IBM Planning Analytics, small and medium-sized businesses can now think bigger. Everything is included in a pre-configured solution that is easy to install, easy to use and easy to acquire, allowing SMEs to access consistent, reliable and timely information.

Why is IBM Planning Analytics Express SMB-focused?

IBM Planning Analytics Express is a modular solution, (BI + PM) which facilitates SMEs a progressively acquisition based on the needs of each company. It is also important to stand out that the investment of this Business Intelligence solution is not high.

Planning Analytics

With Business Intelligence you can:

  • Provide access to all data sources to meet the needs of multiple users.
  • Provide self-service visualization and reporting for faster decision-making.
  • Enable decision-making on mobile devices regardless of location.

With Performance Management you can:

  • Boost business growth with accurate plans, budgets and forecasts.
  • Enable users to quickly react to changing conditions with scenario modeling and workflows.
  • Reduce risk and save time with automated financial reporting.

Increase the potential of Business Analytics as your organization grows.





Powerful technology

A powerful internal memory analytical server allows you to perform searches at the speed of light and calculations in real time, regardless of the size or complexity of the data set

Immediate deployment

The platform is pre-configured in BI environments, facilitating new developments. We provide pre-designed solutions that fit your business

Maximum Security

Your business information will be secure, ensuring that each user will only receive the information that corresponds to him or her and that only he or she can see

Maximum autonomy

Users can perform all tasks independently by quickly accessing information by creating and modifying their own reports, analyzing the reality of the company without the need to resort to IT experts

360º Solution

The IBM Planning Analytics Express Suite includes any module that your business management may need. Dashboards, control panels, budgeting, financial planning, consolidation, reporting, analysis and prediction

Think big, start small

The IBM Planning Analytics Express platform is based on proven enterprise technology. The implementation can be carried out by the modules you need to grow with your Business Intelligence project

Total mobility

It provides a vision, anywhere and in real time, through mobile devices, of business processes, thus being able to respond immediately to the impact that the business may be suffering at all times