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Webinar: RPA as a driver of productivity and competitiveness

Saima invites you to participate in the virtual event ‘RPA as a driver of productivity and competitiveness’ on November 30.

67% of office workers around the world believe they are constantly performing repetitive tasks. The tedious processes are a reason for labour discontent and take away valuable time that could be spent on tasks of greater importance to the company.

The Robotic Automation of tasks such as those that appear in the image allows to speed up the pace of work of a business, which leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency.

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Synergy of technologies to achieve complete automation

The key to the success of complete automation lies in the synergy between RPA and other tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. In our next webinar we put at your disposal our knowledge and experience in the field of Advanced Data Analytics, AI and RPA to show you how you can boost the results of your business.

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