mental health

Technology at the service of tomorrow’s mental health

Did you know that almost 42% of the population in Spain suffers from stress and anxiety? The lack of time, the excessive load of tasks and bad habits are factors that favour its appearance. But what can we do to avoid it? The synergy between psychology, technology and sport is the key. That was the main theme of the event organized by Psiconnea on October 10 for World Mental Health Day

Technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Data Analytics and RPA become the best allies of companies to ensure the emotional well-being of their workers.

Intelligent data analytics to improve employee mental health 

HR departments can benefit from Artificial Intelligence and data analytics tools such as People Analytics to know the behaviour of employees and  ensure a correct balance between work and mental health.

In our extensive experience in the sector, we have dealt with very diverse cases in which these technologies have helped to improve the strategic actions of companies. A case that exemplifies it very well is the case of a mutual of occupational accidents that, thanks to an intelligent analysis of its data, made a prediction five years from now. In this way, it was able to carry out actions that prevented the workers from suffering any pathology. 

A happy worker is an efficient worker

Studies support that greater job satisfaction translates into an increase in productivity by 31%. However, 67% of workers in companies around the world feel that they are constantly performing repetitive tasks with little added value. Manual activities are a source of stress and job dissatisfaction. On this point, RPA automates tasks of lesser relevance and improves the management of time and equipment.

From Saima we are committed to the application of technology to achieve happiness and emotional balance. 

If you want to find out more about the key components of tomorrow’s mental health, you can watch the event again.